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    Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. John Dewey

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    Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth. Chanakya

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    The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. Albert Einstein

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    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela

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Friday, 24 January 2014

How to study Physics

 I was on bicycle and from opposite site a motorcycle running towards me, and suddenly we clashed! When I opened my eyes I was in a hospital. After a five minutes I was thinking about Newton’s third law “Every action has equal and opposite reaction.” I know it sounds stupid, isn't it? Today when I sat in front of computer screen the first thing which came in my mind was Physics.
Yes! Physics, I know how it feels when it comes to physics. You have calculated frequency of sound and playing with pendulum. Many of us gets goose bumps when we solve problems and numerical of physics.
The first thing we should know physics is science, but don't take it as science. Why?  If you'll take it as general study of surroundings then your mind will function more actively.
#01: Go for basic:
Many graduate students don’t know that the basic difference between velocity and speed or pressure and stress. The lack of basic knowledge leads to confusion and misunderstanding about physics. So take a book from your younger brother or sister who’s studying primary and secondary school.
#02: Get some History of Physics:
You don’t know that in physics you can read history, I mean how particular thing or an object was invented and information of scientists such as History of Albert Einstein that his teacher considered him as a dumb student (well, Teacher was unaware of that later Einstein will be the king of classical physics). Do you remember the famous quotation “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” by Thomas Edison. It indicates that physics itself is an inspiration and motivation.
#03: Get set for Internet:
Instead of social networking and playing games you must visit to Wikipedia,, NASA’s website to search and clear your doubts about particular topic. Electromagnetism, Acoustics, Optics these are the topics which needs a strong imagination power may resolve your doubts about how sound waves travels in air, how currents flows and how transfer of heat takes place  by animation and video. One the big advantage you may watch experts lectures.
#04:  Work on Mathematics:
Physics is correlated to Mathematics. You can’t run away from math if you want to learn physics. As you go deeper in physics mathematical work will get increase. Derivation, Integration, and vector are the pillars of physics. A good physicist is a good Mathematician or even better.

   These simple steps will make you an efficient student, so start from today. Please tell me about any idea you have. 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Social Media and Life

Nowadays, Social Media is more rushed, dominant and vital than traditional media. We are getting more addicted of it. According to clinics in the U.K social media can be treated as actual medical condition. One of the key examples of social networking is Facebook and now primary way of communicating among teenagers (I’m one of them) and in adults. Social media differentiates itself from traditional media in many ways such as frequency, accessibility, usability, quality and permanence. In traditional media a single article goes through many hands and writer is qualified as a journalist or editor whereas, in social anybody can express himself/herself anytime, anywhere. Due to this reason social media has been always criticized by society. In last year (2012) Facebook got more than one billion active users and surprising is that if we integrate Facebook users on a single platform then it will be on third position in terms of population means after the China and India.

So, finally social networking is an essential drug which must be fed regularly to boost our emotional and mental health. There is a huge impact of social media in our daily lives. Now, we are more concerned about our tweets, status, profile and social reputation. Organizations, educational institutes, political parties and business firms are also using social media as a specific weapon for tracking, analyzing, researching and marketing. They are branding products, free shipping, offering discounts and perks if you are doing E-shopping. On just one click you can sell you old and rusty bicycle or can buy a cool smartphone. Not only is this now education also suffering from this as Harvard, Stanford, Syracuse, Indiana, and many other top universities introduced variety of courses on social media for students. In 20th century where journalists helped to people and communities by writing about commemorative incidents and events of the nations is not looking as effective as they were because social media is very active and sensitive. In the last election for president of the U.S Barack Obama was more liked and tweeted as compare to his opponent on Facebook and Twitter and this data used to judge the result. College students in U.S, Australia, Europe, India, and China are more addicted as social networking sites are one of the most visited websites in these nations. People are using social media inside and outside of home and workplace; you may have seen a cool dude having an iPhone with embedded his fingers on the screen. According to the websites and experts, “By 2016 there will be over 12million superfast broadband connections in the UK.” This directly reveals our frequency and online presence.

Mobile is a tiny gadget with giant capabilities playing a significant and immeasurable role in building social media. People using Facebook, Twitter, several websites whenever the free and allowed.The world is getting more and more globalized due to internet and we know everybody is connected with it. We can convey our messages, thoughts, opinions and ideas with each other effective way with ease. However we are losing moral values. Instead of spending time with granny we prefer a whole night chat, aren’t we? We all know disadvantages of excessive social networking. Just thing we need to be aware about our lifestyle. I think it is quite tough to conclude weather social media is more advantageous and hazardous.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

How To Improve Study Skills

    Study skills are not only helps you to get more marks but also makes you more responsible, disciplined and active. Nowadays students as well as employees both are concerned about study skills because institutes and industries are seeking for more professional and disciplined man. A study skill is an essential element of Research & Development, Marketing, Design and Production in an organization or industries.
       What is study Skills?
    Study skills can be defined as the critical observation of events, facts, laws, theories etc. and learning as well as applying them to obtain desired results.

                     Input (Books, Internet, Teacher and other sources)

          Processing (Learning, Practice, programming, execution)

                                   Output (Marks, Grade, Promotion)

How can we improve “Study Skills”?
    Ummm!!!... According to my point of view it is a little hard to answer this, why? Because there are lots of methods and techniques are available and it is dependent of your niche, grasping ability, and time factor. But there are some common and simple methods suggested by experts which may help you. 

#01: Find appropriate place:
    A proper place should be available for your study. Place where you only do study and nothing else. Do you like to study in dim light with moderate noisy place or silent and peaceful room? Temperature, humidity and brightness of the room should be moderate or suitable for you. If you will not feel comfortable then you may get tired early.

#02: Avoid Distraction:
   We all know Television, Mobile, iPod and other telecommunication devices can attract us easily. “If I touched mobile, so I have to wear different colored socks in the college." This punishment is quite useful for me. Set wired punishment for self, this will help you. Always set the time for the family, entertainment and friends, by doing this you will be more focused and serious at your work.

#03: Decide Time for study:
    Are you night owl? Or Morning is better time for you. It is very important don’t change your schedule. Many of us prefer noon and night. There is no specific time however morning is considered as better time. If you feel sleepy and tired then close your book and go to the bed. Find out when your mood is good and motivated.

#04: Use Memorization techniques:
    There are variety of steps and techniques. Flash Card, Short Hand and clock watch is my favorite techniques. I would like to share my views about these techniques

Short Hand: Short Hand is very simple and easy.
ü Read Carefully your content.
ü Write down keywords from each paragraph or page.
ü Recollect all information in your mind.
ü Write about the topic from own on a blank page. (Remember don’t copy)
ü Revise your writings. Find mistakes and repeat this technique again.
This is why I named it “Short Hand”.

Clock Watch: Clock Watch improves your concentration. In this technique you have focus at the center of the wall clock while memorizing. I know it looks stupidity but I gained benefits form this.

So, here these strategies can help you, but remember each and every technique will not going to work for you as we all different. You can make your own also.
#05: Do Meditation:
    This is not skill but it will boost your brain. Meditation reduces stress hormones. Meditation increases the rate of inhalation which directly improves brain functioning. 10 to 30 Minutes are enough for each day. Yoga and Meditation are sharpening tools for every person whether student or retired army officer.

#06: Improve Life Style:
     Yes! If you are procrastinator or not organized then you are fighting with rusty sword in the battle field. We should always keep in mind waking up early, walking at least 1 km and eating healthy increases life span and emotional intelligence. Avoid saturated fats, junk food and sweets. Instead of that eat quality of food, get enough sleep. Work on your weakness and get help from elders and experts.

These are the simple and relevant techniques which helped me and hope so it will work for you also. Do you have any other idea, technique? Please feel free to share with us. Do enjoyed the reading you may subscribe my blog for more tips.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How to study for exams

How to study for exams
How to study for exams? When to study? Where to study? And lots of question is there. I know you searched it so many times to find out the answers of these questions.

Ø Do revision regularly.
Ø Set a timetable for studies.
Ø Do practice.
Ø Attain lectures regularly.
Ø Avoid procrastination.
Ø Do homework, assignments and tutorials.

But practically is it possible to manage time, to stay organized, punctual, and steadies in the social cacophonies? There are also other priorities which are equally important as that of study such as gym, entertainment, family, and friends. How it is possible to study in this kind of tight schedule and hence above mentioned tips seems to be impossible. As a student I know how it feels when your parents and teacher pushes you towards your books. But from one point of view they are right, because they are more experienced about life than us. Now a big question arises, How to do study along with other activities.
                 Here are some basic tips which may accelerate your study or studies habits and can resolve above question.

#01: Inspiration:
           According to the Oxford dictionary inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” Inspiration is everywhere whether it is your street or backside your school. Inspiration is the key tool. You can read and watch inspiring stories and videos. Avoid taking small things lightly, because you may miss fathom of nature.

#02: Make good Friends:
         This is one of the most important point and just not only about study but also about life too. “Good friends are good teachers.” One another benefit is that they will keep you motivated, I know sound little funny, but I experienced it. Stay around smart and versatile people. Observe them, ask them and try to be present in present.

#03: Understanding:
     What understands? Technically “Understanding” means to know what is going on and what is going to be happen. You need to understand theories, laws, derivations and processes. I have seen most of the students tries to memorizing every word of the book, is it fair idea? We should keep in mind that our motto is building understanding and not memorizing.

#04: Do less secure more:
      What does it indicates? Do less means “Scientifically minimizing content of study.” and secure more means “Applying set of techniques into exams to get more marks.” So “Do less and secure” can be defined as “A process of analyzing study content and on basis of that building certain techniques to score effectively.” Let me explain, how to do this.
       Step 1: Know your syllabus (Chapters and their weightage.)
                Step 2: How many times each question is repeated.
                Step 3: Sort out important topics.
                Step 4: Know paper pattern. (Sequence of questions, instructions, and algorithms)
      Step 5: Go through previous question papers.     
      Step 6: Allot time for each question.
      Step 7: consult from teachers.
These are basic steps and may get vary according to your subject, field, and university. Remember, it is complex and can be executed well with the help of teachers and seniors. It is one of the deadliest weapon to crack exams.

#05 Use Map minds:
        If you are an engineering/medical student then you may have seen that how bulky and complex theories are there. How to digest these theories, laws and processes? One of the simple technique is to break them is the graphical and tabular form. 

Use colors and pencils to draw mind maps. Visual and graphical formats can be curbed easily as compare to black and white words (Ah! I just hate black and white books, colorful picture and texts are easy and cool to understand, aren't they?)  How to Make a Mind Map  This may help you. 

#06: Write effectively in exams:
         Last but not least, if you are not able to put your knowledge on the paper in a particular manner then you won’t be able to achieve your target. Writing is an art and science.
 Avoid over writing and always write to the point. Instead of writing paragraph, you should break it in points. Writing technique depends on what type of exam and subject you are giving. Time management and writing are correlated to each other. So keep in mind writing is dependent of knowledge, time and marks allotment.

                     These tips may help you to crack the exam and best method of study is that doesn't change your method of study, stick with it. Each and everybody have its own thinking angle and particular way to carry out the task. Please kindly let me know your ideas and suggestions to improve study methods. I need your valuable comments to implement it.  

How to get more friends on Facebook

Do you love socializing?  Do you want to explore your social network area? Or just want to promote your blog on Facebook? Definitely we all want the same. But most of the time we find it is hard to do. Let me explain some points that will help you to do all this.
Little about Facebook:
Facebook is universal social networking site that allows users to communicate, share, and modify their ideas, thoughts, opinions and events on the basis of ideological and technological foundation through Web 2.0.
       Profile: It is the self-bio data of the user which contents photo, qualification, interest, books, movies, activities, religion, political view and place where user is staying and employed.
How can we improve our Facebook profile?
How can we get more friends on Facebook?
Lots of people asked me this,especially by the students and my colleagues. So I thought I can share it with you all. Before this you might be want to know about social media and life, you may read Social Media and Life.
#01: Put your picture on your profile:

  Yes! It doesn't matter how ugly or handsome/beautiful you are. Most of the Facebook users keep photos of celebs, sports players, and other to show their identity. If I want to be your friend then how can I recognize you? It gives a surety to others that, they have got right person to whom they are looking. A good quality and clear image makes your profile decent and cool. Another thing is your cover photo, just be creative because it represents you in your absence.

 #02: Don’t keep profile empty:

    In the last week I visited to several profiles and most of them were just empty. You sent a friend request to acquaintance or a person to whom you met just once and then what will he/she do?  Definitely he/she will visit to your profile to know who you are, from where you are, what would you like to do, what are your favorites and all. That is the importance of keeping profile informative and updated. If you will keep empty it may sound fake and creepy. So in short let them know who you are. Fill all the information about education, employment, interest, activities,favorite book, movies and your website (if any).
#03: Be what you are:
   I think it is just not about social networking it is about whole life and base point of being happy. You must know your social status and frequency. Avoid sending dozens of request in single day because you are just annoying to other users and you may get blocked. It is much better to be patient, doing suddenly jump in the groups and events that you don’t know will cause you to get panic and you’ll get unnecessary notifications and updates. So it is great idea to know your niche. It may help to expand your socializing.
#04: Keep updating status:
Always update your status; it indicates that you are regular/active user. I think 5 to 12 posts are enough in the week. 
Avoid copy and paste (sometime it is quite good, if post content valuable information or thoughts then it doesn't matter); it simply means that you don’t have to say anything and you are amusing yourself. Have look on this “Good Morning friends, have nice day.” do you think it is status, may be it seems (I don’t think so), we should always keep in mind that users just want two things either information or entertainment. Updates on current issues, events, funny photo/clips and interesting updates can do well instead of “Good Morning”. Post short and sweet updates usually long posts are heavy to digest; your post length should be moderate.
#05: Comment:

      It is a versatile tool for the social networking. Communication is a backbone of social media. It’s a two way process input and output. If you will keep your opinion, idea, or simply greeting will make them to feel special. Another benefit is that lots of users will swing from your profile.
For more information about Comment you may read this On Commenting By M.L Swift.

Be alert!
Facebook is a huge platform for all kinds of people whether good or bad. There are some points which are mandatory for being safe.
ü Maintain high level of security and privacy. Now these options are very easy to use.
ü It is better to keep privacy at “Friends” level.
ü Change your password once in three month.
ü Untagged abusive content if you are tagged.
ü Only accept requests of known people.
ü Avoid Sharing Bank Account number, phone number and other important things on Facebook.  
So, these are the 5 simple tips which may help you to get more friends. Please kindly let me know your opinions and ideas for getting more friends on Facebook in comment box.

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