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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How to get more friends on Facebook

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Do you love socializing?  Do you want to explore your social network area? Or just want to promote your blog on Facebook? Definitely we all want the same. But most of the time we find it is hard to do. Let me explain some points that will help you to do all this.
Little about Facebook:
Facebook is universal social networking site that allows users to communicate, share, and modify their ideas, thoughts, opinions and events on the basis of ideological and technological foundation through Web 2.0.
       Profile: It is the self-bio data of the user which contents photo, qualification, interest, books, movies, activities, religion, political view and place where user is staying and employed.
How can we improve our Facebook profile?
How can we get more friends on Facebook?
Lots of people asked me this,especially by the students and my colleagues. So I thought I can share it with you all. Before this you might be want to know about social media and life, you may read Social Media and Life.
#01: Put your picture on your profile:

  Yes! It doesn't matter how ugly or handsome/beautiful you are. Most of the Facebook users keep photos of celebs, sports players, and other to show their identity. If I want to be your friend then how can I recognize you? It gives a surety to others that, they have got right person to whom they are looking. A good quality and clear image makes your profile decent and cool. Another thing is your cover photo, just be creative because it represents you in your absence.

 #02: Don’t keep profile empty:

    In the last week I visited to several profiles and most of them were just empty. You sent a friend request to acquaintance or a person to whom you met just once and then what will he/she do?  Definitely he/she will visit to your profile to know who you are, from where you are, what would you like to do, what are your favorites and all. That is the importance of keeping profile informative and updated. If you will keep empty it may sound fake and creepy. So in short let them know who you are. Fill all the information about education, employment, interest, activities,favorite book, movies and your website (if any).
#03: Be what you are:
   I think it is just not about social networking it is about whole life and base point of being happy. You must know your social status and frequency. Avoid sending dozens of request in single day because you are just annoying to other users and you may get blocked. It is much better to be patient, doing suddenly jump in the groups and events that you don’t know will cause you to get panic and you’ll get unnecessary notifications and updates. So it is great idea to know your niche. It may help to expand your socializing.
#04: Keep updating status:
Always update your status; it indicates that you are regular/active user. I think 5 to 12 posts are enough in the week. 
Avoid copy and paste (sometime it is quite good, if post content valuable information or thoughts then it doesn't matter); it simply means that you don’t have to say anything and you are amusing yourself. Have look on this “Good Morning friends, have nice day.” do you think it is status, may be it seems (I don’t think so), we should always keep in mind that users just want two things either information or entertainment. Updates on current issues, events, funny photo/clips and interesting updates can do well instead of “Good Morning”. Post short and sweet updates usually long posts are heavy to digest; your post length should be moderate.
#05: Comment:

      It is a versatile tool for the social networking. Communication is a backbone of social media. It’s a two way process input and output. If you will keep your opinion, idea, or simply greeting will make them to feel special. Another benefit is that lots of users will swing from your profile.
For more information about Comment you may read this On Commenting By M.L Swift.

Be alert!
Facebook is a huge platform for all kinds of people whether good or bad. There are some points which are mandatory for being safe.
ü Maintain high level of security and privacy. Now these options are very easy to use.
ü It is better to keep privacy at “Friends” level.
ü Change your password once in three month.
ü Untagged abusive content if you are tagged.
ü Only accept requests of known people.
ü Avoid Sharing Bank Account number, phone number and other important things on Facebook.  
So, these are the 5 simple tips which may help you to get more friends. Please kindly let me know your opinions and ideas for getting more friends on Facebook in comment box.

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