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Friday, 24 January 2014

How to study Physics

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 I was on bicycle and from opposite site a motorcycle running towards me, and suddenly we clashed! When I opened my eyes I was in a hospital. After a five minutes I was thinking about Newton’s third law “Every action has equal and opposite reaction.” I know it sounds stupid, isn't it? Today when I sat in front of computer screen the first thing which came in my mind was Physics.
Yes! Physics, I know how it feels when it comes to physics. You have calculated frequency of sound and playing with pendulum. Many of us gets goose bumps when we solve problems and numerical of physics.
The first thing we should know physics is science, but don't take it as science. Why?  If you'll take it as general study of surroundings then your mind will function more actively.
#01: Go for basic:
Many graduate students don’t know that the basic difference between velocity and speed or pressure and stress. The lack of basic knowledge leads to confusion and misunderstanding about physics. So take a book from your younger brother or sister who’s studying primary and secondary school.
#02: Get some History of Physics:
You don’t know that in physics you can read history, I mean how particular thing or an object was invented and information of scientists such as History of Albert Einstein that his teacher considered him as a dumb student (well, Teacher was unaware of that later Einstein will be the king of classical physics). Do you remember the famous quotation “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” by Thomas Edison. It indicates that physics itself is an inspiration and motivation.
#03: Get set for Internet:
Instead of social networking and playing games you must visit to Wikipedia,, NASA’s website to search and clear your doubts about particular topic. Electromagnetism, Acoustics, Optics these are the topics which needs a strong imagination power may resolve your doubts about how sound waves travels in air, how currents flows and how transfer of heat takes place  by animation and video. One the big advantage you may watch experts lectures.
#04:  Work on Mathematics:
Physics is correlated to Mathematics. You can’t run away from math if you want to learn physics. As you go deeper in physics mathematical work will get increase. Derivation, Integration, and vector are the pillars of physics. A good physicist is a good Mathematician or even better.

   These simple steps will make you an efficient student, so start from today. Please tell me about any idea you have. 

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  1. very informative post....Liked each and every word completed related to science....Thank u for the share.


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