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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Social Media and Life

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Nowadays, Social Media is more rushed, dominant and vital than traditional media. We are getting more addicted of it. According to clinics in the U.K social media can be treated as actual medical condition. One of the key examples of social networking is Facebook and now primary way of communicating among teenagers (I’m one of them) and in adults. Social media differentiates itself from traditional media in many ways such as frequency, accessibility, usability, quality and permanence. In traditional media a single article goes through many hands and writer is qualified as a journalist or editor whereas, in social anybody can express himself/herself anytime, anywhere. Due to this reason social media has been always criticized by society. In last year (2012) Facebook got more than one billion active users and surprising is that if we integrate Facebook users on a single platform then it will be on third position in terms of population means after the China and India.

So, finally social networking is an essential drug which must be fed regularly to boost our emotional and mental health. There is a huge impact of social media in our daily lives. Now, we are more concerned about our tweets, status, profile and social reputation. Organizations, educational institutes, political parties and business firms are also using social media as a specific weapon for tracking, analyzing, researching and marketing. They are branding products, free shipping, offering discounts and perks if you are doing E-shopping. On just one click you can sell you old and rusty bicycle or can buy a cool smartphone. Not only is this now education also suffering from this as Harvard, Stanford, Syracuse, Indiana, and many other top universities introduced variety of courses on social media for students. In 20th century where journalists helped to people and communities by writing about commemorative incidents and events of the nations is not looking as effective as they were because social media is very active and sensitive. In the last election for president of the U.S Barack Obama was more liked and tweeted as compare to his opponent on Facebook and Twitter and this data used to judge the result. College students in U.S, Australia, Europe, India, and China are more addicted as social networking sites are one of the most visited websites in these nations. People are using social media inside and outside of home and workplace; you may have seen a cool dude having an iPhone with embedded his fingers on the screen. According to the websites and experts, “By 2016 there will be over 12million superfast broadband connections in the UK.” This directly reveals our frequency and online presence.

Mobile is a tiny gadget with giant capabilities playing a significant and immeasurable role in building social media. People using Facebook, Twitter, several websites whenever the free and allowed.The world is getting more and more globalized due to internet and we know everybody is connected with it. We can convey our messages, thoughts, opinions and ideas with each other effective way with ease. However we are losing moral values. Instead of spending time with granny we prefer a whole night chat, aren’t we? We all know disadvantages of excessive social networking. Just thing we need to be aware about our lifestyle. I think it is quite tough to conclude weather social media is more advantageous and hazardous.

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  1. It reminds me of a Vegas "one armed bandit" -- you get just enough pay off to trigger the chemical juices to make you want to come back again, even if there are more negative aspects to our addiction.

  2. Thank you, Luke Ma'am for stopping by.


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