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Thursday, 16 January 2014

How To Improve Study Skills

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    Study skills are not only helps you to get more marks but also makes you more responsible, disciplined and active. Nowadays students as well as employees both are concerned about study skills because institutes and industries are seeking for more professional and disciplined man. A study skill is an essential element of Research & Development, Marketing, Design and Production in an organization or industries.
       What is study Skills?
    Study skills can be defined as the critical observation of events, facts, laws, theories etc. and learning as well as applying them to obtain desired results.

                     Input (Books, Internet, Teacher and other sources)

          Processing (Learning, Practice, programming, execution)

                                   Output (Marks, Grade, Promotion)

How can we improve “Study Skills”?
    Ummm!!!... According to my point of view it is a little hard to answer this, why? Because there are lots of methods and techniques are available and it is dependent of your niche, grasping ability, and time factor. But there are some common and simple methods suggested by experts which may help you. 

#01: Find appropriate place:
    A proper place should be available for your study. Place where you only do study and nothing else. Do you like to study in dim light with moderate noisy place or silent and peaceful room? Temperature, humidity and brightness of the room should be moderate or suitable for you. If you will not feel comfortable then you may get tired early.

#02: Avoid Distraction:
   We all know Television, Mobile, iPod and other telecommunication devices can attract us easily. “If I touched mobile, so I have to wear different colored socks in the college." This punishment is quite useful for me. Set wired punishment for self, this will help you. Always set the time for the family, entertainment and friends, by doing this you will be more focused and serious at your work.

#03: Decide Time for study:
    Are you night owl? Or Morning is better time for you. It is very important don’t change your schedule. Many of us prefer noon and night. There is no specific time however morning is considered as better time. If you feel sleepy and tired then close your book and go to the bed. Find out when your mood is good and motivated.

#04: Use Memorization techniques:
    There are variety of steps and techniques. Flash Card, Short Hand and clock watch is my favorite techniques. I would like to share my views about these techniques

Short Hand: Short Hand is very simple and easy.
ü Read Carefully your content.
ü Write down keywords from each paragraph or page.
ü Recollect all information in your mind.
ü Write about the topic from own on a blank page. (Remember don’t copy)
ü Revise your writings. Find mistakes and repeat this technique again.
This is why I named it “Short Hand”.

Clock Watch: Clock Watch improves your concentration. In this technique you have focus at the center of the wall clock while memorizing. I know it looks stupidity but I gained benefits form this.

So, here these strategies can help you, but remember each and every technique will not going to work for you as we all different. You can make your own also.
#05: Do Meditation:
    This is not skill but it will boost your brain. Meditation reduces stress hormones. Meditation increases the rate of inhalation which directly improves brain functioning. 10 to 30 Minutes are enough for each day. Yoga and Meditation are sharpening tools for every person whether student or retired army officer.

#06: Improve Life Style:
     Yes! If you are procrastinator or not organized then you are fighting with rusty sword in the battle field. We should always keep in mind waking up early, walking at least 1 km and eating healthy increases life span and emotional intelligence. Avoid saturated fats, junk food and sweets. Instead of that eat quality of food, get enough sleep. Work on your weakness and get help from elders and experts.

These are the simple and relevant techniques which helped me and hope so it will work for you also. Do you have any other idea, technique? Please feel free to share with us. Do enjoyed the reading you may subscribe my blog for more tips.

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